Looking for a tester or quality control solution for wood, natural or man-made fibres?

The Fibreshape system

Fibreshape is a quality control and characterisation system for fibre applications. It is unique in its set of features, simple user interface, and rapid characterisation process, from the sample preparation to the printed certificate. 
The measurement range is from 2 um  to 30 cm fibre length.

Two kind of  Fibreshape systems exist:

  • Fibreshape  - where the samples are distributed stepwise by hand on the scanner
  • Fibreshape automatic - where the samples are  feeded automatically by the sample feeder on the scanner. (sample feeder: patent pending).
    1. Simply distribute your fibre samples on the board
    2. Enter a description and select fibre length, fibre thickness or other reports with a single click!
    3. All the specimen are scanned and characerized automatically.
      Obtain the final reports or insert results into quality chart database.

            Your advantages:


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